A new type of Production company

C.L.C Productions is a Sydney based production company committed to creating new and original content with equality and diversity high on our priority list. This is reflected in our scripts as well as all aspects of pre-production, production and post production. We develop our own projects from concept as well as collaborating with established and up and coming talent. Not limited by genre, we are progressive, innovative creators who produce high quality film and television across Australia and Internationally.

Areas of Focus


We believe films have the ability to create enjoyment and entertain and also to spread important messages and tell important stories. We aim to encompass all these aspects of storytelling in our productions.


Encompassing both large and small production scripts, and budgets, from eight part mini-series’ to five seasons of TV, from war dramas to mockumentary comedies there is nothing we can’t do.


Dedicated to social change and testing new, creative ideas for scripts and stories, theatre has always been at the forefront of culture and a force for change in the world.   

Web series

Our extensive experience with web series’ gives us the edge to create high quality well priced shows without compromising on our values or commitment to storytelling.