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How well can you really know someone? A comedic story about three women, the trials of family and the pitfalls of new relationships. A film with more twists than Memento, as the story progresses we realize the more we know about these women, the less we understand!

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Coming soon…



Checkmate flatmate is the first short film written and Produced by Danielle Carey. It is the story of two female flatmates who try to out prank each other, with disastrous and hilarious results.



The Oxford Circus web series is currently out now on Youtube, Hyvio and Stareable. The show follows El, a documentary filmmaker and her crew studying the effects of the Sydney lock out laws on bars and clubs in Sydney; only to discover the weird and wacky world of The Oxford Circus. It's here we meet the rest of our cast - The Manager Bob, a sweaty, desperately sad man hoping to keep the business and himself above water, Bob will go to great lengths to prove to himself, and his ex-wife, he's still a man. The bar tender Simon, over paid, under worked and a bit too cocky for his own good, Simon has fallen out of touch with the underground bar-tending scene and is determined to claw his way back to the top. And the bar assistant Matt, the newest addition to The Oxford Circus, who, when he’s not at the bar, is studying to be a nurse and running a bible study group, but is he really as sweet as he seems? Oh, and did we mention the mysterious owners of the bar -  Francois Dahlvinyer Von Vundahkint and Drake -  a pair of vampires who are here to kill Hugh Jackman for his portrayal as Van Helsing in the 2004 movie of the same name. The series is an entertaining and sometimes disturbing but always fun roller coaster where you never know what's coming next!